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Movie Event Package
  • Movie Event Package

Movie Event Package

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Unleash the power in your group and community.  Empower students to reach out to others.  Show TO SAVE A LIFE in your church, school or group.

Retail DVDs are for in-home use only and showing them in a group setting will not be covered under any license programs (like CVLI), so groups will need to purchase a license from Outreach Films.

The Movie Event Package has everything you need to plan, promote and host a Movie Event including:

  • Movie Event Licensed DVD
  • Church-Friendly DVD
  • 12-month License for 1 location
  • Planning Guide packed with tips
  • Promo Tools including InviteTickets, Posters, Slap Bracelets and more

$129 to $339ORDER TODAY!

Available as a Movie Event License, which is only what you need to license the movie for 12 months for $99-299.  It doesn’t include the promotional materials described above.

If you are a church, the price is based on the average weekly attendance of your church (not your youth group). If you are NOT a church, you must purchase the Standard size.  Standard Movie Event Packages are $229 and Standard Movie Event Licenses are $199.

This item is available via Outreach Films  

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